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Torts | A mulch fire occurred on the property of Diamond Tree, following at least two other fires the week before, as well a warning from the Health Department that the mulch pile was too high. Firefighters, including David Ipsen, responded to the mulch fire, and Ipsen sustained severe injuries

Standing | The ACLU, the Disability Law Center, and the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys sought relief on behalf of all individuals in criminal custody throughout the State who are at risk of contracting COVID-19. No individual inmate was named as a petitioner.

Procedure | The Utah Legislature amended portions of Utah’s tax code that established the methodology for determining the property tax obligations of airlines operating within the state. Several counties sued the State, arguing that the amended provisions violated the Utah Constitution.

Constitutional | A Trust owned a piece of land in the Albion Basin, a part of unincorporated Salt Lake County. The Trust sought to develop the land, but, even though the land was located within the water-service area of Salt Lake City (City), the City lacked the infrastructure to actually

Family | A man and a woman lived together in a romantic relationship from 1999 till 2015. They had two children and agreed that the woman should stay home with the children while the man pursued his career.