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CONSTITUTIONAL Salt Lake City Corp. v. Haik, 2020 UT 29 (Durrant, C.J.) A Trust owned a piece of land in the Albion Basin, a part of unincorporated Salt Lake County. The Trust sought to develop the land, but, even though the land was located within the water-service area of Salt Lake City (City),

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW Taylorsville City v. Mitchell, 2020 UT 26 (Lee, A.C.J.) The appellant was convicted of three class B misdemeanors in justice court. He appealed his convictions by invoking his statutory right to “a hearing de novo in the district court.” In the district court, appellant was acquitted of one misdemeanor and

CIVIL STALKING Koehler v. Allen, 2020 UT App 73 (Hagen, J.) A woman sought a civil stalking injunction against a man in 2016. The injunction stated that it lasted three years and could only be changed by the court. The man’s attorney erroneously told him that the injunction had been dismissed, but