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Adoption | Conceived on the Cheyenne River Sioux reservation and born in Utah, BB was placed for adoption by birth mother through subterfuge and against birth father’s wishes. After a first appeal in the Utah Supreme Court in 2017, the third district court transferred the case to the tribal court,

First Amendment | Mr. Acumen, a State Central Committee (SCC) member of the Utah Republican Party (URP) (Committee Member), sent emails and made social media posts calling those who voted for the passage of a certain Bylaw “criminal.” He further encouraged others to email the voters to express their disapproval

Family | Years ago, the district court terminated appellant’s alimony order under the statutory language of Utah Code section 30-3-5-(10), and appellant successfully appealed. This time the district court terminated her alimony order under the terms of her divorce decree, which provides that alimony terminates “upon” her “cohabitation.”

Adoption | Birth father’s biological daughter was born to his girlfriend, who placed her in the care of adoptive parents. Birth father initially objected to the adoption, but then signed a relinquishment of parental rights, expressing his peace over the adoption via text.