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Family: Divorce, Torts | Jensen and Cannon were married in the eighties and divorced in the nineties. In the two-thousands, Jensen brought a claim of fraudulent nondisclosure against Cannon when she discovered a property and an option contract that Cannon did not disclose during the divorce.

Criminal | The defendant kidnapped two men in a drug deal gone wrong; he forced one man to shoot another and then directed the others to cover up the crimes. The defendant was convicted on two counts of aggravated kidnapping, two counts of aggravated robbery, one count of aggravated murder,

Criminal | The State charged the defendant with aggravated robbery for stealing money from a store at gunpoint. At trial, the defendant sought to strike a juror for cause because the juror had been robbed at gunpoint years earlier, but the court declined to strike the juror for cause.

Criminal | The defendant raped his wife’s friend in his living room while she pretended to be sleeping next to her sleeping children. At trial, he claimed she traded sex acts for methamphetamine and when he refused to have sex with her, she asked him to instead ejaculate into her

Criminal | Lopez and Nielsen were separately charged with sexually abusing children (ages five and twelve). In both cases, at the preliminary hearing stage, the State sought to meet its burden of persuasion through admitting their Child Justice Center interviews (CJC) under rule 1102 of the Utah Rules of Evidence

Criminal | The defendant posted a Craigslist ad looking for a person who was willing to have rough sex with him, and a woman responded. After sending the defendant compromising videos and the defendant threatening to send the videos to the media if she did not engage in sex with

Civil – Medical Malpractice; Statute Of Limitations | A patient experienced cardiac arrest and brain damage after an abdominal surgery, and years later, he filed a malpractice claim against the hospital. A jury found the patient’s lawsuit was barred by the running of the applicable statute of limitations.