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Criminal | Before the defendant stood trial for raping two fifteen-year-old girls, the district court ruled that the State would not be permitted to introduce evidence of the defendant’s SAC, swastika, and “Supreme White Power” tattoos at trial, among others. The defense was able to introduce evidence that the defendant

Medical Malpractice | A patient underwent a knee replacement by a Utah doctor, signing a document signifying that he understood the risks of nonhealing, infection, and amputation. After the surgery, the patient got an infection in his knee replacement, and the Utah doctor treated the infection and prescribed a course

Civil Procedure | After litigating claims of defamation, et al, relating to statements of dissatisfaction Eskamami publicly made against Auto-Owners, Auto-Owners dismissed its defamation claims, acknowledging it could prove no damages. As a part of those proceedings, the district court had previously denied Eskamami’s limited motion for summary judgment.