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Attorney Discipline | An Attorney faced criminal charges for failing to properly file withholding tax returns, remit withholding taxes, and submit monies collected from his employees in payment of their income tax obligations. In response to these charges, the OPC filed a complaint against him under Rule 8.4(c) of the

Workers’ Compensation | Israel Velasco seriously injured while working. His finger was eventually amputated after he was cleared to begin working again. Velasco held various jobs before his finger required amputation, but he requested temporary permanent disability from the date of injury until he was cleared for full-time work after

Property; Civil Procedure | In a case with a complex backstory, Appellants sued various parties, seeking to set aside the sale of Property, which had been sold at a trustee’s sale. The district court granted a motion to dismiss and multiple motions for summary judgment in favor of Appellees.

Criminal Law | On appeal, Defendant argued that after he pleaded guilty to sexual offenses, his counsel provided ineffective assistance in failing to object to the sentencing court’s consideration of a psychosexual evaluation from a previous sexual offense.

Property Law; Statutory Interpretation; Civil Procedure | Cougar Canyon acquired an interest in Property that was encumbered by a lien held by Zion and sought to partition the property. In Zion’s answer, it asserted it had a lien but it did not provide the details required by the Partition Statute.

Contract Law (Insurance) | M.A. sued Regence, alleging among other things that the company had breach the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing when it denied her pre-authorization request for insurance coverage for a course of treatment. The district court granted summary judgment to Regence.