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Workers Compensation | In 2007, an employee had an accident at work that injured his back and sought to recover workers’ compensation benefits. The administrative law judge (ALJ) appointed a medical panel of two doctors to assess the employee’s claim.

Criminal Law | Defendant appealed his conviction for driving with a measurable controlled substance in the body and causing serious bodily injury or death on the basis that the trial court erred in denying his request to instruct the jury on several lesser-included offenses.

Civil Procedure | Below, the district court rejected the argument that res judicata barred Kodiak’s present action against the county because in a prior lawsuit, the court had denied Kodiak’s motion to intervene on the basis that its interests were adequately represented by the County.

Criminal Law | The defendant and a woman had sex; the defendant said it was consensual, and the woman said it was rape. Before trial, the court ruled that at trial the woman’s wife (who was a witness) could be referred to as the woman’s spouse, but the defendant could

Criminal Law | The defendant pleaded guilty to contracting without a license after he improperly installed tile on a bathroom floor and incorrect grouted the shower. Although the State presented no evidence that the tiling in the shower was done incorrectly, the district court awarded restitution for the cost of