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Criminal | A defendant drove his wife in his car and hit her. The wife exited the car when it slowed, but she got back in the car because she wanted to avoid law enforcement and she believed the defendant would try to get her back in the car.

Child Welfare | Mother had her children removed after one child tested positive for drugs. Originally the juvenile court set the goal as reunification, but when Mother did not comply with the reunification plan, the court set the goal as adoption.

Criminal | The police found the defendant slumped over in his car while his car was in neutral and stopped in a left-turn lane. After awaking him, the defendant admitted to taking alprazolam (Xanax) and failed the two balance-based field sobriety tests.

Child Welfare | After Mother’s and Father’s divorce, Mother was awarded sole custody of their two children. But after Mother overdosed, the children were removed from Mother’s care. Initially the court ordered reunification services. But when Mother did not fully complete her child and family plan, the juvenile court terminated

Tax | An individual did not file state tax returns for several years. After the Tax Commission informed the individual of the tax deficiencies and the individual responded by demanding that the Commission provide proof that she was required to file a federal tax return, the Commission upheld the deficiency

Workers’ Compensation | In 1983, an employee was injured at work and started receiving a static disability payment of $241 per week for the remainder of his life, as was statutorily required. But the legislature amended the law in 1988 to provide for a payment based on the percentage of