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Criminal | After a trial, a man was convicted of aggravated burglary and attempted aggravated murder. On appeal, he argued that his convictions should have merged and, alternatively, that the merger statute is unconstitutional.

Criminal | During his hearing where he pleaded guilty to murder, the defendant made two statements in Spanish that he was defending himself against the victim when he shot the victim. After a statement from defense counsel, the district court accepted the guilty plea.

Criminal | After a three-year-old child accused the defendant of showing her pornographic material, putting his “wee-wee” on her “no-no,” and putting his finger “under her bum,” the defendant was charged with and convicted of rape of a child, aggravated sexual abuse of a child, and dealing in materials harmful

Child Welfare | The juvenile courts terminated Father’s parental rights, and in so doing addressed whether termination was “strictly necessary”—a phrase that had been added to the termination statute, Utah Code § 78A-6-507. Father appealed, and the Utah Court of Appeals clarified the analysis the juvenile court should have used

Civil Procedure | After years of vigorous child custody litigation, Young and Hagel mediated a new issue. After the mediation, Hagel’s counsel withdrew without a court order, incorrectly representing that no motions were pending before the court.

Criminal | After a six-day jury trial, the jury acquitted the defendant of ten charges, but convicted him of child endangerment, lewdness involving a child, and aggravated child sexual abuse. The Utah Court of Appeals affirmed, holding:

Criminal | The defendant ran a red light and hit another car, causing the death of a passenger. After a trial and an appeal, the defendant was tried again by jury, and the jury convicted him of negligent homicide.

Criminal | A defendant pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and burglary, and after successfully completing his probation, sought a reduction in the level of his convictions under Utah Code § 76-3-402. The district court denied the motion.