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Family Law; Civil Procedure | Ward and McGarry were engaged in a child support dispute centered on disagreements about McGarry’s income. At a short hearing scheduled to address non-dispositive motions, the commissioner entered a recommendation imputing income to McGarry and ordering McGarry to pay a certain amount in arrearages and

Sex-Change Petition; Common Law; Statutory Interpretation | Appellants petitioned the district court to change their legal sex designations because the designations did not reflect their identities. The district court denied their petitions, reasoning that it lacked authority to grant the petitions because the Utah Legislature had not set forth standards

Criminal | Strayer was convicted of sexual battery after he grabbed the breast of a neighbor in his apartment complex’s common room at a public party. Strayer filed a post-trial motion, urging the district court to consider a letter signed by neighbors saying they were present but did not see

Criminal | Brown filed multiple petitions for post conviction relief. Brown’s first post-sentencing filing was filed a year-and-a-half after he was sentenced in his case and was, thus, time barred.

Workers Compensation | In 2007, an employee had an accident at work that injured his back and sought to recover workers’ compensation benefits. The administrative law judge (ALJ) appointed a medical panel of two doctors to assess the employee’s claim.