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Adoption | In an interstate adoption, Mother placed Child with two Utah residents. Mother and Adoptive Parents were required to comply with the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC).

Criminal | Lopez and Nielsen were separately charged with sexually abusing children (ages five and twelve). In both cases, at the preliminary hearing stage, the State sought to meet its burden of persuasion through admitting their Child Justice Center interviews (CJC) under rule 1102 of the Utah Rules of Evidence

Civil – Medical Malpractice; Statute Of Limitations | A patient experienced cardiac arrest and brain damage after an abdominal surgery, and years later, he filed a malpractice claim against the hospital. A jury found the patient’s lawsuit was barred by the running of the applicable statute of limitations.

Civil Procedure: Summary Judgement Affidavits | A passenger rode in the driver’s car, and the driver entered an intersection and was hit by another car, injuring the passenger. The passenger sued the driver.

Takings | UDOT condemned a piece of undeveloped land as part of a large property to mitigate the environmental impacts of the Legacy Parkway Project. The landowner challenged the condemnation, arguing that the taking was not for public use.

Post-Conviction Relief | The defendant was convicted and sentenced to death and filed a series of post-conviction relief (PCRA) petitions. In his last petition, he argued that under Atkins v. Virginia, 536 U.S.304 (2002), it was cruel and unusual punishment to execute him because he was intellectually disabled; he also

Expert Testimony | Arreguin was injured while installing an exit sign on the shoulder of I-15. At the time of the accident, there were no traffic control measures in place at the accident site. He sued Hadco for failing to take necessary safety measures to protect workers from highway traffic.

Workers’ Compensation | Employee was injured at work when a 300-pound metal trestle fell on him and pinned him. He was awarded permanent partial disability after he developed a consistent limp and had limited ability to participate in physical activities.