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An appeal is a review of a lower court’s decision by a higher court. In Utah, the higher courts are the Utah Court of Appeals and the Utah Supreme Court. Each appeal is decided by a panel of judges in a written decision.
The attorneys at The Appellate Group have litigated over 100 appeals. As experienced appellate litigators, we review the record for each case. The record includes the documents and transcripts filed in the district court. After reviewing the record, we identify the issues that we can raise on appeal, counsel with clients and other attorneys, and draft the appellate briefs. We also argue our cases before the relevant appellate court.
We also advise clients after the appellate court has released its decision. We discuss with clients their options for filing petitions for rehearing (a petition that asks the appellate court to reconsider its decision) or petitions for writ of certiorari (a petition that asks a higher appellate court to review the decision of the lower appellate court). We would love to help you plan your next step.