The Appellate Group

In re G.H.

In re G.H., 2023 UT App 132 (Mortensen, J.)

Child Welfare

Grandparents filed a petition for guardianship of Children alleging neglect by Mother. The juvenile court granted the petition and determined that Mother’s parent-time would be subject to Grandparents discretion. On appeal, the Utah Court of Appeals affirmed in part and reversed in part, holding:

  • The juvenile court Did not err in determining Children were neglected because the evidence showed Mother did not feed or bathe Children, change their diapers, or obtain medical care for them.
  • The juvenile court did not err in denying Mother’s motion to dismiss or transfer venue because Mother failed to show harm.
  • The juvenile court erred in not making any findings regarding the amount of Mother’s parent-time, because this could lead to Grandparents denying Mother parent-time entirely, thereby violating Mother’s residual parental rights.

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