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State v. Chadwick

State v. Chadwick, 2023 UT 12 (Durrant, C.J.)

Appellate Procedure

Mr. Chadwick was charged with sexually abusing F.L., a minor. The trial court ordered an in-camera review of F.L.’s therapy records to determine their relevance to the case. The trial court then released some portions of the records to Mr. Chadwick and sealed the rest. Mr. Chadwick appealed the trial court’s decision, arguing that he should have access to all of F.L.’s therapy records to prepare his defense. F.L. moved to intervene, and the Utah Supreme Court granted her request. The Utah Court of Appeals then certified the case to the Utah Supreme Court. Mr. Chadwick next filed a Motion for Access to Court Records Associated with Case, seeking to access the sealed therapy records. The Utah Supreme Court denied his motion, holding:

  • The interests favoring the records’ closure outweigh the interests favoring Chadwick’s access.

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